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Meet Andrea

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My Bio:

Andrea D. Long is an author of fantastical worlds and adventure. She writes themes of self growth, found family, and true love. When Andrea is not taming wild dragons and using her wits to outsmart some great evil, she is a mother of teenagers and teacher of the much shorter humans. All the while, blessed enough to brave the forces of life with a powerful wizard by her side.

The Less Formal Introduction

Hello, friend! You can call me Andrea and I am thrilled you have happened upon my little corner of the web.

Grab some tea, a bowl of your favorite fruit and make yourself cozy. Then we can get acquainted with one another.

I grew up near a small town called Lebanon, Ohio. I was the quiet girl who loved to dance and sing and write.

I started out writing poetry and short stories inside of my many notebooks. (Using several of my many pens.)


As I grew older, it became clear that my purpose in life was to teach. So, I left my pens on the shelf and pursued other passions.

Years later, a friend introduced me to the magical world of speculative fiction writing. It was then, I knew exactly what my new quest in life would be. Write books that inspire people.

How about you? I would love to hear your story and all about the things you hold dear. You can reach me by tapping the Let's Chat button right here. ----->

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