Meet Andrea

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I have always loved to write!  As a child, I would write poetry and short stories.  My grandfather gave me my first writing journal when I was 12.  I remember filling those pages with prose and performing poetry readings for any family member willing to listen.  


As an adult, I have written several plays for my church.  My most favorite part about play writing is planning the plot and all of those emotional moments that captivate the audience.   


Aside from writing, I am also a mother of teens and a second grade teacher.  Both of which fill my life with adventure and inspiration.  I am passionate about foster and adoptive children.  I was given up for adoption as an infant and blessed with a wonderful christian family.  My husband and I have also adopted two older children.  


I am currently writing a young adult fantasy novel, Lady Knight.  I plan for this novel to be part of a trilogy.  In the future, I would love to write something in the dystopian genre!